Can I shop on Baopals from outside China?



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    Mirai Kuriyama

    I used baopals for over a year then recently I bought from taobao directly since a few specific things are easier to search through taobao directly. Here is my suggestions for your future international shipping.

    Give a link to the taobao item page.
    I don't mean this as a way to bypass your service or anything, but the seller rate shown in baopals is not detailed enough to discern a good/trusted taobao seller. For example, a seller with 4.5 score might be below average. In taobao, we can see if such a score is below avg or not. Moreover, there is a point system that baopals does not given info, which is as equal, if not more important, that three score ratings. This point system is calculated from how much they sold and how much buyers give a good rating (separate one from 3 systems rating in baopals). In addition, buyers' comment in taobao is quite helpful, even though it is in Chinese. This is critical for international shipping as it is much more harder to return&refund than China shipping, so buyers need to make sure the quality of items should meet their expectation before buying.
    Otherwise, give a buyer more info on sellers's score. I would also suggest placing order by placing taobao's link is also very useful.

    I think your upcoming international service is probably similar to "Taobao Global Consolidation", which is not available to most countries yet so it would be very interesting and helpful. I am looking forward to see your international service with high expectation!! 

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